This Remote Shooting Robot for Canon Cameras May be Handy

If you’re in need of some robust remote-controlled shooting capacity for your next dicey photo project, Canon has got you covered.

The brand has announced that its cameras are compatible with Ueleret’s remote camera gimbal/robot. This handy device lets photographers shoot in real time from distances of up to 500 meters, or 1,640 feet.

Why is this so important? Well, if you’re a wildlife photographer, the reason might be obvious. Some types of photo shoots can be exceedingly dangerous if you’re there in person holding the camera.

Our recent post about one photographer’s dealings with an angry grizzly bear really underscores the danger aspect.

Other types of nature photography are just much harder to pull off with a detectable human being’s presence and smell on site.

With the Ueleret U100 Remote Camera Assistant, Canon-using photographers can have a new and effective third-party robot gimbal on hand for setting up a safe and discreet remote camera trap.

Unlike many motion-triggered camera traps, this particular device can also equip you with excellent live control parameters.

Canon originally advertised the compatibility of its cameras with the U100 on its Canon China website and described it in detail.

The Ueleret U100 offers a gimbaled camera platform that can connect to Canon R-series cameras and certain DSLR models for remote wireless control.

In Canon’s own claim, the system is ideal because it lets a photographer handle their shooting process from the comfort of a car instead of splaying out in some dirty, wet swamp or other wild corners.

The system is very versatile specifically because of this basic distance shooting feature. It lets photographers set it up in a well-trafficked area for certain kinds of wildlife and then remove themselves completely.

With the gimbal in place, capturing particularly dangerous fauna, or animals that are extremely sensitive to human presence, becomes much easier.

Through the U100’s Remote Camera Assistant, a photographer can adjust camera zoom for a variety of lens types (including both short focal and telephoto optics).

At the same time, the gimbal lets the photographer move the camera around as desired for capturing an ideal shot.

All of these controls and others are possible through a remote control unit that looks a lot like a bigger version of a DJI drone remote with room for a third-party tablet of up to 10 inches.

A tablet with a camera and a remote control.

Ueleret ships its basic U100 edition without an included display but you can use your own tablet instead. The U100 “Advanced” and “Deluxe” editions however do include a tablet with their controllers.

Regardless of the U100 version, the controller unit includes dual control sticks, a D-pad and four control buttons. There are also triggers for turning a mounted camera left or right.

These controls in the U100’s controller allow for pan and tilt control with free rotation across the gimbal’s horizontal plane and vertical controls up to 45 degrees down or upward.

Photographers using the remote for the U100 can also switch between video and photo shooting as desired.

All of the above can be done remotely from hundreds of meters away with a communication lag of no more than 70 milliseconds according to Ueleret and Canon.

If you’re using the U100 in the field for a prolonged shoot that requires a lot of idle waiting, the device can also remotely be put to sleep for the sake of power conservation.

A camouflaged backpack sitting on top of snow in the woods.

Sleep mode aside, the standard included single battery for this gimbal system allow for roughly 8 hours of “intermittent shooting” (we’re not clear on just how many photos or how many hours of video that really means).

Ueleret is also offering a separate battery management system that lets users run their U100 unit for up to a week in the field.

Other things that the company behind the U100 is offering with the device include a camouflaged dust/rain cover for device protection in harsh weather and an optical targeting viewfinder that mounts above your camera when it’s attached to the gimbal.

Finally, the U100 is robustly built and designed to handle even large, heavy Canon cameras and lens combos. Since it’s compatible with Canon’s famously robust telephoto and super telephoto lenses, it sort of has to be stable.

Ueleret has made its U100 gimbal robot compatible with Canon’s EOS R3, R5, R6 Mark II, R7, R8, and R10 mirrorless camera models and its 1DX Mark II, 1DX Mark II, and 7D Mark II DSLR editions.

The Ueleret U100 Remote Camera Assistant isn’t listed on the company’s website in its basic version, but the “Advanced” unit with a 10-inch tablet, remote control, full gimbal battery, and wireless transmission system is there for $3,899.

The optical targeting viewfinder retails for $699 while the camo rain fly costs $168.

Ueleret’s site also offers Nikon and Sony versions of the entire apparatus above for respective prices of $4,200 and $4,099 for their “Advanced” editions. We’re not sure why these are slightly pricier.

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