Samsung’s T9 SSD Is Fast, Grip-Skinned and Robust For Travel Use

Need a large new external storage for your photos and videos during extensive field and travel work? Samsung has a rugged but sleek new option.

The brand has released its PortableT9 SSD, which is the successor to their T7 SSD. It delivers much better performance at a reasonable price and with a not only sleek but also very practical design.

Right off the bat, the T9 is visibly built to be a practical photo storage tool for use at home, office, or in the field.

Instead of a rigid external case that could make it prone to shocks and slipping from your hands or some surface, the T9 enjoys a textured silicone rubber skin with a carbon fiber texture pattern.

This makes it very grippy, easier to handle firmly and more resilient to impacts. Samsung also states that the skin gives it “luxury added to ruggedness”.

The obvious benefit of the outer textured skin is that it really makes the T9 SSD stick firmly to almost any surface or to your hands thanks to the traction that the material creates.

Yes, this also easily attracts dust or other particles, but that’s a minor tradeoff compared to a slip causing your data to become irretrievable.

Even if the T9 SSD should get dropped though (it can happen to any small electronic device), Samsung has built this model to be rugged all around.


Under the outer skin, its light and tough aluminum body is rated for withstanding drops of 3 meters and even if that fails, buyers get the benefit of a five-year manufacturer warranty when buying the T9.

Replacement warranties won’t protect your data from physical loss of course, but in any case, you should incrementally, and regularly back up any work you’ve made to a digital cloud too, no matter how tough your own physical storage media are. This applies especially while working away from home and is a useful rule to follow for avoiding data loss.

For physical photo, video and data security, the SSD T9 has however been built to offer pretty robust protection.

It also weighs no more than 122 grams or 4.3 ounces and has a fairly typical ultra-compact SSD storage design that measures 8.8 x 6 x 1.4 cm or 3.4 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches. Basically, it’s just slightly larger than a credit card.

Samsung T9-SSD

Included with the SSD are a pair of 0.45-meter cables for connecting to your other devices. One of these offers dual-end USB-C connectivity while the other handles USB-C to USB-A. A very handy thing about these cables is their slightly longer-than-average length too.

Now we come down to the Samsung T9 SSD storage drive’s internal performance. Samsung has done a great job of making it as externally secure as possible but the company also gave it good data handling specs.

First of all, its USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface lets the T9 handle blistering fast data transfer speeds of 2,000 MB/s if being used with the right compatible port in another device.

Samsung t9 samsung t9 samsung t9 samsung .

This is twice the speed of its predecessor the T7 and well above average for the external SSD market as a whole.

Garnering such transfer speeds does require that you connect the T9 to a laptop or device that also offers USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 connectivity but even without that option, the SSD still transfers at hundreds of MB/s with most other devices.

In fact, this SSD’s performance should make it usable for handling 4K right up to 8K video transfers and might even be capable of managing 12K footage under the right circumstances.

Samsung has also installed a proprietary technology of its own called TurboWrite in the T9 for high-performance write buffering. In the 1 TB edition, this amounts to 22GB of buffer while in the 2TB and 4TB models it’s 88 and 180GB respectively.

These buffer sizes are also quite a bit better than average for these devices on the market.

Samsung explains that its TurboWrite feature in the T9 lets the drive create a sort of high-performance write buffer area inside the drive for simulating higher performance.

In essence, while the drive is idle, data is moved from the buffer to internal storage thus giving users maximum write speed more frequently.

This drive also offers heat dissipation through Samsung’s choice of aluminum and silicone materials for its design, which should give it reasonable temperatures even after long work burdens.

Samsung has made the T9 SSD available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB editions for fairly reasonable respective prices of $140, $240 and $440.

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