How to Vlog with a GoPro (+ Best GoPros for Vlogging)

A GoPro can be a tremendous vlogging camera if you know what to do with it.

The GoPro Hero series is the best action camera of all time and is extremely popular for vlogging.

(It may not be the all-around best camera for vlogging, but no one can deny the convenience of these tiny GoPro cameras.)

I’ve owned GoPro Hero cameras since they were first released, and love using them to vlog on YouTube.

The incredible image stabilization and impressive image quality help make vlogging simple and fun.

This guide will help you choose the best GoPro accessories for vlogging and dial in the perfect settings.

And if you’re thinking of upgrading, we’ll also discuss which model is the best GoPro for vlogging.

So let’s learn how to vlog with a GoPro… like a pro.

9 Top Tips for Using a GoPro for Vlogging

1. Perfect your audio with an external mic for GoPro


When vlogging, you want to capture quality footage, and you also want the best audio possible.

Although the GoPro has adequate sound, it can be improved on in some situations.

External microphones are a great way to enhance a GoPro’s audio.

Especially when using it in a noisy environment or when conducting interviews.

A Lavalier Microphone is a small clip-on surround sound mic with a receiver.

You can use either a wireless or wired version, and both give great audio quality.

They are easy to attach to clothing and are a great choice of microphone.

Particularly if you want to roam around freely when recording sound.

A shotgun microphone can be mounted on a boom pole or on top of the camera. They are great to use when you need extra reach.

The shotgun microphone records sound from one set direction. Making it ideal for focusing on specific sounds.

The ROBE VideoMicro is a compact on-camera directional microphone. It captures excellent audio and doesn’t require its own batteries.

And for those diving adventures that just have to be shot on a GoPro, grab a waterproof underwater mic.

It is this mic you will need when you want to capture the rare pulsed call of a wild whale.

Check out the Sennheiser MKE 2 underwater microphone for underwater vlogging.

And remember, before you buy an external mic, check what connector you need for the external mic input.

GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+, and Hero 4 have a USB connector.

Whereas GoPro Hero 5 and later models have a 3.5mm TRS jack and cable.

To connect, swipe down on the GoPro screen and go to “Preferences”. Then scroll down and go to “Input/Output” and select “Audio Output”.

See our guide to the best microphones for action cameras.

2. Improve your lighting with an external LED for GoPro

Credit: Spenser Sembrat

When the light fades, so do the capabilities of a GoPro to capture the scene.

Using an external LED, you can continue to shoot into the night.

GoPro-compatible LED lights are ideal for extended voggling in different situations.

The Genuine GoPro Light Mod will illuminate an area with smooth, even light.

It is compact, waterproof, and has four levels of brightness.

It’s a great light to take with you on outdoor vlogging excursions.

With six hours of power, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in the dark.

VOLKWELL 12-inch selfie LED ring light comes with a 160 cm extendable tripod stand.

The selfie LED ring light is ideal for tutorials, live streaming, and interviews.

It can be mounted on a tripod and has a dimmable function.

The adjustable head will help you get the angle you need for the most flattering vlogging selfie.

See our guide to taking photos with a GoPro.

3. Film hands-free with a mount for GoPro

A person sitting on a snowboard in the snow.

Credit: Filip

When using a GoPro for vlogging, there are many times when you will want to be hands-free.

Cycling, rock climbing, and skiing are just a few of the activities where you will need a hands-free mount.

TELESIN G3 selfie stick pole is 118″/3M. It is waterproof and made of carbon, so it is super lightweight.

The Yoogeer has designed a multi-function head mount strap for Gopro vlogging enthusiasts.

You can easily attach your GoPro to your head for adventure footage.

Such as rock climbing, horse riding, plus skiing, to mention just a few.

A Gopro motorcycle mount is specifically designed for motorcycle GoPro vlogging. The best are durable and lightweight.

TELESIN has a motorcycle helmet strap for GoPro cameras.

REYGEAK suction cup mount has a 360 rotatable tripod ball head mount.

You can adjust the angle to shoot from different perspectives.

Using it, you can attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles, and more.

See our guide to the best ways to mount an action camera.

4. Perfect live preview with an external screen for GoPro

The GoPro comes with a screen, but it is a tiny winy screen, and sometimes it’s hard to view.

When using a GoPro, an external screen will give a larger view.

Allowing you to see the settings and information on the screen clearly.

You plug the external screen directly into the GoPro.

It definitely beats trying to focus on a tiny screen for ease of framing and composing shots.

Display Mod is an official GoPro Accessory. It has a folding design for easy storage and transport.

The neat 2-inch flip-up screen makes vlogging easy. It has a built-in rechargeable battery.

If you want something larger, FEELWORLD F5 Pro has a 5.5-inch touch screen.

You can easily and intuitively zoom in and out of your shot with the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

It’s not going to be practical for every situation, but if you need to, you can connect a camera to a TV.

To connect an external screen, swipe down on the GoPro screen and go to “Preferences”.

Then scroll down and go to “Input/Output”. Select “HDMI output”.

5. Stabilize for steady shots with a tripod for GoPro

A tripod with a camera on it at sunset.

Credit: Frame Harirak

A tripod is an essential accessory for some GoPro video vlogging ventures.

Low light conditions, such as twilight or dawn shots, will require a longer shutter speed.

Using a tripod will help reduce the likelihood of visible camera shaking. It will also help capture smooth footage.

There is a fantastic range of diverse GoPro tripods, one for every occasion.

The JOBY GorillaPod bendable tripod has flexible legs.

It can be positioned stably on rough, uneven terrain or twisted onto a tree.

Using the 360-panning bed, you can twist the GoPro to any angle you need.

The ULANZI Go Quick is a 55″ tripod with an extendable stand. You can use it as a selfie stick or switch it to a tripod.

It is great for action vloggers because of how quickly you can attach and un-attach a GoPro.

6. Quick, professional edits with apps for GoPro

GoPro apps will allow you to quickly edit on-site without the need to have a PC with you.

It’s a great way to tweak your footage before sharing it directly from the site.

GoPro Quik is a free GoPro app. It’s worth checking out, especially when you are getting started in the world of vlogging.

It is easy to use and has lots of great features that will help you enhance your videos before sharing.

PowerDirector is designed for Android. It has a photo video editor, slo-mo, and lots more to help you vamp up your vlogs.

You can share to YouTube or Vine straight from the app.

Splice is a free app designed for iPhones. Using Splice, you can add backing tracks, filters, and more.

It’s a great app to get you going and add an extra touch of spice to your footage.

7. Never go flat with an external battery pack for GoPro

The GoPro battery has a battery life of a mere one and a half hours.

An external battery pack is essential if you are trekking on faraway adventures. Or if you are camping overnight.

When live streaming, you don’t want the GoPro to die and disappoint your GoPro fans.

That could easily lose you a few dedicated subscribers.

An external battery pack will ensure your travel vlogging camera never runs out of steam.

If you plan to go hard, the Digipower re-fuel battery pack lasts a healthy 9 hours.

That hands down beats the usual 90 mins life of a GoPro battery.

Buying a backup battery pack for your GoPro is a good idea, too. You can find a spare GoPro Max battery here.

8. Improve your control with grips for GoPro

A skier standing on top of a mountain with clouds in the background.

Credit: Lucas Favre

A grip can be worth its weight in gold on some shoots.

The type of activity you are embarking on will affect the type of grip you should use.

Sometimes, holding a GoPro is just too darn awkward.

A grip has the added advantage of giving you more control, security, and fresh angles.

A stick grip will extend the camera to capture footage from different perspectives. Plus, include you in the shot.

GoPro MAX Grip and Tripod is a fold-out plastic grip, and rather ingeniously, it is also a tripod.

Some of the more ingenious grips will disperse the GoPro’s weight and give you a secure hold.

The Ulanzi UURIG R069 universal handle bracket will stabilize the camera for smooth video footage.

9. More freedom when you use floats for GoPro

A GoPro floaty is ideal when you plan to hit the water, especially if you are involved in high-action shots.

But it is still useful for protecting your camera if you are just splashing in the shallow waves.

Genuine GoPro Floaty for GoPro will keep your GoPro afloat whenever it falls into the water.

It comes with extra padding to protect your GoPro from hard knocks.

The wrap-around design means you can still access camera buttons and touch screens.

It includes a tether point to make sure you won’t lose it.

It is ideal for surface water activities, windsurfing, speed boats, and more.

Sametop Floating Hand Grip was designed to keep your GoPro afloat.

Drop the hand stick; no worries, it won’t sink.

Inside the hand grip is a hollow, watertight compartment. You can use the compartment to store small valuables when shooting.

It enables more stable footage than holding the camera by hand.

It’s perfect for footage during deep sea dives, snorkeling, and many other water sports.

A phone with water coming out of it.

Credit: Padraig Treano

Dial in the best GoPro settings for vlogging

.Optimize your settings before you head out to shoot your prime vlogging footage.

1. Decide if you want to shoot quality or quantity. If you want to capture the most amount of shots and quality isn’t important, set the GoPro resolution low.

If you want high-quality photos or footage, set the resolution to the highest. Normally, that will be the 4K or 1080p.

2. There are five different options for field of view (FOV) on a GoPro. They are superview, wide, medium, linear or narrow.

Decide if you want a flat vision (narrow) or a wide (fish eye). Wide will capture most of the scene but lead to some distortion.

3. Set the white balance to “Auto. The GoPro will automatically select the right setting for your image.

4. Enable “HyperSmooth”. It is available in the more recent version of GoPro and will help with image stabilization.

5. If you are shooting in bright light, choose the lowest ISO to achieve the highest quality image.

Consider using a tripod or a higher ISo when filming footage in lower light.

Remember that the higher the ISO, the more grainy the photo will be.

6. Set your preference for frame rate. If you want a smooth cinematic look, go for around 24 frames per second.

Or shoot in slow motion by setting the frame rate to 120 fps.

7. Check the audio is set to on if you want to record surround sound.

See our more in-depth look at dialing in the best GoPro settings.

What is the Best GoPro for Vlogging?

It can’t be denied the GoPro is a great vlogging camera.

But which one is the best for you when you want to impress your fans with expert footage?

A person holding a gopro camera over the ocean.

Cresit: Jakob Owens

Best Overall GoPro for Vlogging The Hero 12

This is the latest and greatest. It is completely up to date with all the best specs.

It has a hyper smooth 6.0 video stabilization for the clearest footage.

It has a horizontal level and horizontal lock to capture a 360 rotation of your environment.

The Hero 12 can also capture light and star trails and has hyper-high megapixels.

It is a waterproof advanced action camera. Ready to tough out any shooting environment.

You’ll be shooting incredible high-resolution shots on this GoPro.

The Best Value GoPro for Vlogging The Hero 10

Hero 10 has all you could need from a GoPro at great value.

It is a versatile camera and delivers exceptional and high-quality footage.

A great value for money, the GoPro Hero 10 has double the performance of the previous version.

It has a slightly larger body than the GoPro 9, which makes it easier to use with accessories.

Take it to the depths of the ocean or the heights of the Alps. The choice is yours. It won’t let you down.

The Best Budget GoPro for Vlogging The HERO 9

This GoPro camera is the best beginner’s vlogging camera.

This camera is so easy to use that if you find the ‘on’ button, then you have pretty much mastered it.

You won’t be confused by complex settings. It is as simple and user-friendly as a phone camera.

Unpack it, point and shoot, and you will take some fantastic footage. You can’t go wrong.

GoPros were designed to be simple, foolproof cameras.

And when you have come to grips with your GoPro Hero 9, you can fine-tune settings.

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