Angelbird’s New CFexpress Type B Cards Promise Speed and Value

The Angelbird brand has introduced something any photographer can appreciate: new, faster CFexpress cards that are also cheaper.

The new card additions for digital cameras are Type B CFexpress versions and are called the AV PRO SE and the AV PRO SX.

Of the two, the AV PRO SX range is the more exceptional high-performer with a design aimed at pro photographers and video creators. It comes in 160GB and 330GB editions while claiming maximum read/write speeds of 1785MB/s and 1600MS/s.

In practice though what it really impresses with is Angelbird’s assertion of a sustained, measured write speed of 1480MB/s.

This makes the AV PRO SX good enough even for 8K and higher video recording in RAW, or continuous RAW still photo shooting as long as your camera is up to the task.

Price-wise, these pro CFexpress Type B card editions aren’t too shabby either, costing $129.99 for the 160GB cards and $299 for the 330GB versions.

As for the more economical and modest (but still impressive for most users) AV PRO SE CFexpress Type B editions, they come in 512 and 1TB models. This makes them ideal for storing lots of Ultra HD video and a huge quantity of photos.

Curiously, both of these more economical models supposedly offer maximum read/write speeds that are essentially the same as those of the AV PRO SX models. However, their sustained write speeds are much lower at 800MB/s in the 512GB card and 1300MB/s in the 1TB card.

av pro sexex sdxc 512gb sd card.

It’s important to stress that these more modest speeds are more than good enough for most users wanting to enjoy perfectly smooth shooting in the field.

Those write speeds are also good enough that the 1TB AV PRO SE model can record 12K RAW, while the 512GB version can shoot up to 8K RAW.

These latter Angelbird cards are priced at $299.99 for the 1TB model and $129.99 for the 512GB edition.

Both the Angelbird AV PRO SX and AV PRO SE Type B CFexpress card lineups are available in their respective storage sizes from online retailers right now.

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