110 New Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas, Tips & Lists

You’re about to discover all the latest photo scavenger hunt ideas of the year.

Many moons ago, I was in charge of organising regular scavenger hunts at work.

Now with the advent of camera phones, photo scavenger hunts are a popular way to encourage exploration, creativity, and social interaction.

(There are even such things as ‘virtual scavenger hunts’ too!)

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to all the photo scavenger hunt ideas and tips I came across during my research.

I’ve also created a photo scavenger hunt list for you to download and print.

42 Unique Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas & Challenges

  1. Nature’s Beauty: Explore a local park and capture stunning photos of blooming flowers or vibrant plants in their natural surroundings.
  2. Color Explosion: Seek out colorful objects in your environment and capture a series of photos showcasing a variety of vibrant hues.
  3. Team Building Challenge: Engage your team in a fun activity by recreating the iconic Rocky Balboa victory impression, capturing the energy and camaraderie of the moment.
  4. Birthday Bash: Attend a lively birthday party and document the festive atmosphere, capturing candid moments of celebration and the joyous cake-cutting ceremony.
  5. City Landmarks: Embark on a photo adventure in your city, photographing its iconic landmarks and architectural marvels that define its unique character.
  6. Reflections: Discover reflective surfaces that add a touch of artistry to your photos, capturing intriguing distortions or mirror-like reflections.
  7. Animal Encounter: Take a walk on the wild side and photograph animals in their natural habitats, capturing their beauty and unique behaviors.
  8. Outdoor Adventure: Capture your team’s adventurous spirit by documenting exciting outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing.
  9. Hidden Gems: Seek out lesser-known spots on your college campus and capture photos that showcase their hidden beauty and charm.
  10. Sports Spirit: Immerse yourself in the world of sports and capture the dynamic energy and passion of athletes in action.
  11. Artistic Impressions: Visit an art gallery or museum and capture photos of your favorite artworks, using your creativity to add your own unique perspective.
  12. Water Wonders: Head to a nearby body of water and capture photos that showcase its serene beauty or dynamic movements.
  13. Funny Faces: Approach strangers and ask them to make funny faces, capturing their unique expressions and moments of laughter.
  14. Team Spirit: Photograph your entire team wearing matching outfits or accessories, showcasing your unity and team spirit.
  15. Historical Finds: Explore your local area and photograph historical monuments, buildings, or artifacts that hold significance in your community’s heritage.
  16. Puzzle Pieces: Capture close-up photos of textures or patterns that others have to guess, using creative clues to enhance the challenge.
  17. Miniature World: Use perspective and composition to create photos that make regular-sized objects appear tiny, immersing viewers in a magical miniature world.
  18. Graffiti Art: Seek out vibrant and captivating street art in your city and capture photos that highlight the creativity and messages conveyed.
  19. Silhouette Magic: Take advantage of the golden hours of sunrise or sunset and capture striking silhouettes against the dramatic sky.
  20. Double Exposure: Experiment with double exposure techniques, overlaying two different images to create unique and artistic compositions.
  21. Symmetry: Find symmetrical objects or scenes and capture them from perfectly centered perspectives, creating visually pleasing and balanced photos.
  22. In the Shadows: Explore the interplay of light and shadow, capturing intriguing photos that emphasize the contrast and mood created by different lighting conditions.
  23. Seasonal Delights: Capture the essence of each season through photos that evoke the unique characteristics and beauty associated with them.
  24. Funny Signs: Discover humorous or quirky signs in your neighborhood and capture photos that highlight their amusing or clever messages.
  25. Abstract Exploration: Get creative and photograph abstract patterns, textures, or shapes that catch your eye, encouraging viewers to interpret and appreciate the artistry in everyday objects.
  26. Urban Exploration: Embark on an urban scavenger hunt, capturing the hidden gems, bustling streets, and interesting architecture of the city.
  27. Nature’s Textures: Focus on the intricate details and textures found in nature, photographing leaves, bark, or rocks up close to reveal their unique patterns.
  28. Candid Moments: Capture genuine and spontaneous moments by observing people in public spaces, documenting their emotions, interactions, and expressions.
  29. Nighttime Magic: Embrace the mystery and beauty of the night by photographing city lights, starry skies, or creative light painting techniques.
  30. Road Trip Memories: Document your road trip adventures by capturing photos that depict the journey, roadside attractions, and memorable landscapes.
  31. Macro Marvels: Explore the miniature world through macro photography, capturing the intricate details of small objects or insects up close.
  32. Urban Reflections: Photograph the reflections of cityscapes or architecture in glass windows, puddles, or shiny surfaces, creating visually captivating compositions.
  33. Dynamic Motion: Experiment with capturing motion, such as flowing water, moving vehicles, or people in action, freezing or blurring the movement to convey a sense of energy.
  34. Famous Landmarks: Capture iconic landmarks from creative perspectives, offering a fresh take on well-known tourist spots.
  35. Textures of Life: Seek out interesting textures in everyday objects or surfaces and capture close-up photos that reveal their tactile qualities.
  36. Nature’s Playground: Explore a local park and capture photos of people engaging in recreational activities, highlighting the joy and vitality of outdoor play.
  37. Human Connections: Photograph candid moments that depict human connections, interactions, or emotions, conveying the power of human relationships.
  38. Architectural Marvels: Explore the architectural wonders of your city, capturing the intricate details, shapes, and lines of buildings and structures.
  39. Art in Nature: Find examples of art or sculptures in natural settings, capturing the juxtaposition of man-made creations against the backdrop of the great outdoors.
  40. Minimalism: Embrace the beauty of simplicity by capturing minimalistic photos that focus on clean lines, empty spaces, and a sense of tranquility.
  41. Street Portraits: Engage with strangers on the street and capture their portraits, showcasing the diversity and individuality of people in your community.
  42. Abandoned Beauty: Seek out abandoned buildings or forgotten places and capture photos that evoke a sense of mystery, decay, or haunting beauty.

Remember to adapt and customize these ideas and challenges based on your location, preferences, and the overall theme or purpose of your photo scavenger hunt.

13 Tips for a Successful Photo Scavenger Hunt


Here are my top tips to help you have a successful photo scavenger hunt:

  1. Plan Ahead: Plan the scavenger hunt in advance, including the location, duration, and specific objectives or themes for participants to capture in their photos.
  2. Define Clear Objectives: Clearly communicate the goals and expectations of the scavenger hunt to all participants, ensuring they understand what types of photos they need to capture.
  3. Create an Engaging List: Develop a diverse and creative list of items, themes, or challenges for participants to photograph. Include a mix of easy and challenging tasks to keep the scavenger hunt exciting.
  4. Set Time Limits: Establish time limits for participants to complete the scavenger hunt. This adds a sense of urgency and keeps the event moving at a lively pace.
  5. Encourage Creativity: Encourage participants to think outside the box and be creative with their photo compositions, angles, and perspectives. This allows for unique interpretations and artistic expressions.
  6. Promote Collaboration: Consider organizing the scavenger hunt in teams, promoting collaboration and teamwork among participants. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and enhances the overall experience.
  7. Provide Photo Sharing Opportunities: Set up an online photo-sharing site or designated space for participants to share their photos after the scavenger hunt. This allows for discussion, feedback, and appreciation of everyone’s creative work. Some phone apps allow you to do this for free.
  8. Offer Prizes or Recognition: Consider offering prizes or recognition for participants who successfully complete specific challenges or showcase exceptional creativity. This adds an element of competition and motivation.
  9. Ensure Safety: Prioritize the safety of participants during the scavenger hunt. If the event takes place outdoors or in public spaces, provide guidelines to ensure adherence to local regulations and safety measures.
  10. Promote Fun and Enjoyment: Remember that the primary goal of a photo scavenger hunt is to have fun and enjoy the experience. Encourage participants to embrace the process, explore their surroundings, and create lasting memories through their photos.
  11. Provide Photo Editing Tips: If participants are allowed to edit their photos, offer some basic editing tips and techniques to enhance their images. This can include suggestions on adjusting brightness, contrast, cropping, or applying filters.
  12. Share Inspirational Examples: Share some inspiring and creative photography ideas to spark participants’ creativity and encourage them to think outside the box.
  13. Document and Share the Experience: Take photos or videos during the scavenger hunt to document the event. This allows participants to relive the experience and serves as a memory keepsake.

Specific Examples of Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenges

Taking a few of the examples of the photo scavenger hunts above, here are specific ways you can execute them:

15 Team Building Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The primary goal of a Team Building Scavenger Hunt is to foster collaboration, communication, and teamwork among the participants.

  1. Take a group photo with each team member forming a human pyramid.
  2. Find an outdoor location on campus and capture a photo of your team members spelling out the word “UNITY” using only your bodies.
  3. Locate a specific landmark and take a selfie with the entire team forming a human chain around it.
  4. Find a stranger and have them take a photo of your team members jumping in the air simultaneously.
  5. Take a group photo with each team member wearing a creative hat made out of natural materials found on the campus.
  6. Locate a hidden spot on campus and capture a photo of your team members working together to solve a puzzle or riddle.
  7. Find a reflective surface (e.g., a pond, window, or mirror) and take a photo of your team’s reflection with each member striking a unique pose.
  8. Identify a specific tree on campus and have your team members gather around it, holding hands and forming a circle.
  9. Locate a set of stairs or steps and capture a photo of your team members climbing them in a synchronized manner.
  10. Find a spot with a scenic view and take a panoramic photo of your team members with their arms raised in celebration.
  11. Take a photo of your team members building the tallest tower they can construct using only items found in nature.
  12. Locate a sports field or court and capture a photo of your team members forming a human pyramid with a sports ball balanced on top.
  13. Find a unique sculpture or art installation and take a photo of your team members imitating the poses or shapes depicted.
  14. Take a group photo with each team member holding a sign or banner expressing a positive team motto or message.
  15. Find a designated meeting spot on campus and capture a photo of your team members forming a circle, holding hands, and smiling.

15 Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The primary goal of a virtual scavenger hunt is to engage participants in a fun and interactive activity that promotes teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction in a virtual or online environment.

  1. Find an item in your house that represents your favorite hobby and show it to the camera.
  2. Locate a book with a specific word in the title and show the cover to the camera.
  3. Take a screenshot of a website that provides free online courses.
  4. Find a picture of yourself from a previous vacation and share it in the virtual scavenger hunt chat.
  5. Locate an object that starts with the letter “B” and show it to the camera.
  6. Take a selfie wearing a hat or a funny accessory.
  7. Find a green-colored item in your living room and hold it up to the camera.
  8. Capture a screenshot of a positive message or quote shared by someone in the virtual scavenger hunt chat.
  9. Find an item that represents a personal goal you want to achieve and share it with the group.
  10. Take a photo of your favorite snack and share it in the virtual scavenger hunt chat.
  11. Find a musical instrument or something that can be used as an improvised instrument and play a short tune.
  12. Take a screenshot of a funny GIF or meme and share it in the virtual scavenger hunt chat.
  13. Find an item with sentimental value and share the story behind it with the group.
  14. Capture a screenshot of a famous landmark from around the world and try to guess its location.
  15. Find an object in your kitchen that you have never used before and show it to the camera

15 College Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The goal of College Campus Photo Scavenger Hunts is to encourage exploration, engagement, and connection with various aspects of the campus community, landmarks, and activities through creative and fun photo challenges.

  1. Grab a photo of five people wearing school colors.
  2. Snap a shot of you and a stranger outside the main dining area by the freshman residence hall.
  3. Take a photo with the school mascot.
  4. Take your best action shot of an epic frisbee grab on the quad with one or two friends.
  5. Find the only place on campus where you can buy a Spanish 101 textbook and grab a photo with the book in the store.
  6. Find a unique campus landmark and take a selfie with it in the background.
  7. Locate a hidden mural on campus and capture a photo with one team member imitating a pose from the artwork.
  8. Snap a picture of your team members striking a pose in front of the library’s iconic staircase.
  9. Find a professor’s office and take a group photo with a team member pretending to be the professor.
  10. Locate a specific tree on campus rumored to grant good luck and take a photo of your team members touching it.
  11. Find a vending machine that dispenses the most unusual snack and capture a photo of your team with the snack in hand.
  12. Take a photo of your team spelling out the college’s initials using only your bodies.
  13. Locate a piece of campus art or sculpture and take a photo of your team recreating the pose or shape of the artwork.
  14. Find a bulletin board and take a photo with each team member pointing to a different event or club poster.
  15. Snap a shot of your team members holding a copy of the campus newspaper with the headline clearly visible.

10 Conference and Trade Show Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The goal of Conference and Trade Show Photo Scavenger Hunts is to promote attendee interaction, networking, and engagement with exhibitors, speakers, and key elements of the event while fostering a sense of fun and exploration.

  1. Capture the Keynote: Take a photo with the main keynote speaker in the background.
  2. Exhibit Extravaganza: Take a photo with the most innovative product or booth display.
  3. Networking Ninja: Take a photo with at least three different business cards from exhibitors or attendees.
  4. Learning in Action: Take a photo attending a workshop or session and share a key takeaway.
  5. Team Spirit: Take a photo with your entire team wearing conference-branded merchandise.
  6. Influencer Encounter: Take a photo with a well-known industry influencer or thought leader.
  7. Tech Showcase: Take a photo with the latest technology or gadget on display.
  8. Booth Bonanza: Take a photo at a booth where you learned something new and capture the product or service being showcased.
  9. Social Media Snapshot: Take a photo with a social media post or hashtag displayed on a screen or poster.
  10. Behind the Scenes: Take a photo with the event organizers or staff members.
  11. Fun with Swag: Take a photo showcasing the most unique or interesting piece of conference swag.
  12. Networking Powerhouse: Take a photo with a new connection you made during the event.
  13. Session Selfie: Take a selfie with a speaker or presenter during their session.
  14. Venue Vista: Take a photo with a notable feature or landmark of the conference venue.
  15. Collaboration Celebration: Take a photo with a team from a different organization, fostering collaboration.

Downloadable Photo Scavenger Hunt List

a picture of a team building photo scavenger hunt.

Free scavenger hunt PDF.

Tap the image above to get a printable version of all the photo scavenger hunt ideas.

Print one off for each member of your picture scavenger hunt so they can check off each photo challenge as they complete tasks.

Give out bonus points for completing every single one of the fun activities.

Summary of Key Benefits of a Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t already know, organising a photo scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun.

Aside from having a great time, though, here are some more benefits of scavenger hunts for your team:

  • Encourages active engagement and participation. 💪📸
  • Promotes networking and social interaction. 🤝😄
  • Fosters creativity and problem-solving skills. 🎨🧩
  • Enhances exploration of the event or venue. 🚶‍♀️🔍
  • Provides memorable and shareable experiences. 📷🌟
  • Creates a sense of fun and excitement. 🎉😃
  • Boosts attendee involvement and satisfaction. 👥🙌
  • Builds connections with exhibitors and speakers. 🤝💼
  • Increases brand awareness and visibility. 📣👁️
  • Generates user-generated content for social media. 📲📸
  • Facilitates team building and collaboration. 🤝👥
  • Highlights key elements and highlights of the event. 📌✨
  • Improves attendee retention and knowledge retention. 🧠🔐
  • Offers a unique and interactive way to learn and discover. 🎯🔍
  • Adds an element of competition and friendly rivalry among participants. 🏆🤼‍♀️

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